New Lock Installed

I took the new trailer back to Trailers of the East Coast to have them remove the old lock and install an RV type lock. This will enable me to lock the door from the inside and not allow someone to lock me inside. I have read where people were concerned that a door with a RV type lock could actually open while driving down the road from the flex of the cargo trailer.  This is likely because a cargo trailer is made with small ribs and light aluminum sheeting. In many cases there are very little internal heavy duty bracing to reduce flexing. My trailer is a Pace America Journey series and the rear door frame is made of heavy duty steel. The service technician assured me that this would not flex as in the possible case with having a door on the side. He also commented that it is always good practice to lock both the regular lock and the dead bolt lock when towing the trailer.

Old Lock

New Lock

The new lock with installation cost me $205.71. That’s a little more than I expected, but I think they did a great job. In most cases I only pay someone to do the jobs that I am not familiar with or I don’t feel comfortable doing. I may also get these guys to install one or two vents in the roof because I want them supported with metal bracing that will need to be welded in place and I’m not a welder. Most of the other modifications to the trailer will be done by me.


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