Camping at an early age

Just a few years after I was born my grandparents managed the Lake Norman Campground here in NC, so I spent several summers enjoying nature by the lake as they all but lived in their camper. They owned several travel trailers and a motor home throughout the years as they also went RVing around this great country of ours. I was very fortunate to accompany them on trips to Morehead City, NC (where my grandfather enjoyed fishing – of course), Spartanburg, SC (to visit family), and Orlando, FL (to visit family and the Yogi Bear Campground).

As I grew older I tent camped in our back yard and later during the high school years I camped with friends in their back yards and anywhere that somebody would not run us off from. Also, during my early teens my parents bought a large “farm” in Stuart, VA so again I spent several years enjoying the gifts of nature.

After I got married and my son (Seth) was born I purchased a new tent with all intentions of sharing my passion with my own family, however, that did not work out too well. Lets just say they did not enjoy it at all, so I returned all of my new equipment to the store on the way home. We only camped one night.

Just a few years later I built a small cabin on my parents land in VA. I had a fold out couch to sleep on, gas stove & heat, and a view of the lake that was to die for, but no electricity or running water. So, guess what… My wife and son didn’t appreciate the cabin as much as I did, so after several years I sold the cabin to my parents.

Then a few more years later on the advice of a friend we started looking at some small travel trailers and as a family we decided that it met all of our needs. My wife wanted electricity, running water, and a bath room. All my son wanted was CABLE TV.

So from here it all begins!


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