Tiny Table

I made a small table for the new trailer. This small fold down table leaf came from a previous RV I owned. It looked like it would make the perfect tiny table for the tiny camper, so I made a bracket to allow it to fold up and down on the wall. The table will be used to set small items such as a drink or snack, not anything heavy. I plan to mount a TV to the wall above the shelf.

The bracket with hinge

The table support

The table folded down

The table ready to be used


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New Lock Installed

I took the new trailer back to Trailers of the East Coast to have them remove the old lock and install an RV type lock. This will enable me to lock the door from the inside and not allow someone to lock me inside. I have read where people were concerned that a door with a RV type lock could actually open while driving down the road from the flex of the cargo trailer.  This is likely because a cargo trailer is made with small ribs and light aluminum sheeting. In many cases there are very little internal heavy duty bracing to reduce flexing. My trailer is a Pace America Journey series and the rear door frame is made of heavy duty steel. The service technician assured me that this would not flex as in the possible case with having a door on the side. He also commented that it is always good practice to lock both the regular lock and the dead bolt lock when towing the trailer.

Old Lock

New Lock

The new lock with installation cost me $205.71. That’s a little more than I expected, but I think they did a great job. In most cases I only pay someone to do the jobs that I am not familiar with or I don’t feel comfortable doing. I may also get these guys to install one or two vents in the roof because I want them supported with metal bracing that will need to be welded in place and I’m not a welder. Most of the other modifications to the trailer will be done by me.

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First Signs of Fall

Saturday and Sunday were the first two consecutive days in the Piedmont with the high of about 80 degrees. There was a light breeze in the air. Ahh… The beginning of fall.

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State Lines App

A couple of years ago a good friend of mine introduced me to Apple computers and all the other gadgets they make. Ever since then I have been absolutely hooked! Now I have an ipod shuffle, 2 ipod touches, and an iphone. Of course I share these with my family and they love them also. We have hundreds of songs and quite a variety of useful apps.
The other day I ran across a new App called State Lines that may be helpful to fellow campers while traveling from state to state. Here’s the desrciption right from iTunes:

“State Lines is the app you need when traveling throughout the United States. Whether by RV, car, train, bike, space ship, plane or boat – you’re frequently crossing state lines, and always under new regulations, taxes and bans.

Compiled after over 4 years of full time RV road-tripping across the USA, and after many hours of research on state specific information, State Lines is an indispensable traveler’s guidebook to highly variable state regulations.

Currently with 43 pieces of travel relevant information, including gun vehicle carry laws, state sales tax, time zones, towing & RV specific laws, gas/diesel taxes, rest area overnight parking rules, default speed limits, alcohol sales laws, smoking bans, open container laws, state park camping entrance fees, leash laws, helmet laws, cell phones & texting while driving, left hand turns and more.”

Something I found just as awesome as the App is the folks that created it. Chris Dunphy and Cherie Ve Ard are Nomads and share their story through their blog Tales from Technomadia. These guys are living the life that many of us aspire to live – they work and travel full-time. The information they share online is priceless.

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Picked Up the New Trailer

Picked up the new trailer for tiny camper #3 from Trailers of the East Coast in Mocksville, NC. Mark Boger hooked me up with an awesome deal and I spoke with Trevor Walterman about putting some graphics on the new trailer. Within minutes Trevor had some custom graphics created for me. Thanks guys!

I will be making a few modifications to the new trailer while I also finish up tiny camper #2. Can’t wait to get it ready to go camping. I think it is going to work great.

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My First Tiny Camper Build

Last year I started building my first tiny camper. The design that I used is very much like a teardrop camper except no clam-shell rear hatch. Many of those rear hatches tend to leak, so I wanted to stay away from that. Basically, I wanted to follow the format of (seller: pissygaz). I went to Tractor Supply and purchased a 4 x 8 Carry-On trailer for about $300. It is welded together, not bolted.

Then I built a 2 x 4 frame with treated lumber for the floor. I secured aluminum flashing to the bottom side of the floor and cut 2 inch thick foam insulation panels to fit into the frame and then used spray insulation around all the edges of the foam panels to help keep any cold or hot air from coming up through the floor.

I bought 2 sheets of Birch plywood and free-handed the curves that I wanted to make the two long outside walls. It took me several attempts to get the exact curve that I thought looked best.

Here you can see a different view of the outside walls and where I cut out for a large window.

I purchased another sheet of Birch plywood and cut it to make the front wall and the back wall for the main cabin. My plan was to make the space behind that a storage area that would be accessed from the outside rear of the trailer.

I used 2 x 2s to make rafters every 16 inches. The roof vent is just laying there so I could see how it would look.

You can see here that I was trying to get an idea of how the door was going to look and then where I ended up putting it.

Hopefully, you can see where I was going with this. It took me about a year to get to this point, but I was in no hurry. If anything I took my sweet time doing research, thinking about how I wanted it to look, and then finally building it. After all this was my first tiny camper build. In the end I decided to sell this tiny camper and then I immediately started building my second tiny camper with a whole new concept.

As of right now while posting my first tiny camper build I am about 90% complete with my second tiny camper and yesterday I order the trailer for my 3rd tiny camper.

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Where Does Your Wind Come From?

A few weeks ago I was mowing the yard and the wind was lightly blowing. After weeks and weeks of 90 degree weather it was such a refreshing feeling. I closed my eyes for just a few seconds to enjoy the moment and immediately I was taken to that special place that I am so fond of. That place where the clouds cover and the breeze blows. A light shower instantly arrives, but quickly goes. The tall trees sway and the leaves will blow.

So I ask you, “Where does your wind come from?”

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